Saturday, January 9, 2010

I was productive...

... but not quite in the way I planned. As I mentioned before, I had Friday off. My editor is back and as long as she stays back, I will have every Friday off (Yippee!). My plan was to get up, clean the house, and reknit all the work I had frogged on the Fluffy Cat shawl.

But I didn't. As I was cleaning, I came across my lone little Nutkin sock (lovingly dubbed Nutlet, as you may remember). I knit the first Nutlet waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in October. It flew off the needles in just a little more than a day... but what happened to the second one? Was it the sinister second sock syndrome?

No. Looking back, I think it was mostly the holidays. Throw in the fact that for the six weeks before Christmas I was also pulling 50 hour work weeks, while trying to get Christmas knitting done, there just wasn't a lot of time for extracurricular knitting. As you recall - there wasn't much time for knitting at all - in fact most of the Christmas knitting was done while I was AT work!

Anyway, my point is - yesterday I decided it was past time the first Nutlet got a sibling. I cast on and finished the second one up today:I would have finished them last night, but then I started watching Inglorius Basterds, and well - more than half of the movie is in French or German and subtitled, so I had to put the needles down to follow Tarantino's genius (or madness depending on your point of view).I'm quite pleased with them. It's a great little pattern, and I successfully mirrored the second sock. I knit just two repeats for the leg to make them anklets - which added to the swiftness. They are knit with Wandering Cat Yarns, Alley Cat Sock in Lizard Ridge.

As I said, I really like the stitch pattern, and you may just see it end up in one of my future designs.

In other knitting news, I stopped by the Post Office and picked up the last of the new yarn I bought before Christmas. As of now I am officially on stash diet!
In that pile are 31 (yep... 31!) balls of Debbie Bliss Cathay (a cotton/silk/rayon blend). I don't need that many balls, but it was such a good deal I couldn't pass it up! There is enough there to make two sweaters, but Mom has informed me she's laying claim to half of it (who can blame her? Look at that gorgeous colour!) and I can't really say no considering all the times I've raided her stash.

So, Now I have the rest of the evening to knit... I am considering casting on for the shawl, but probably only after I've knit some Lizard Ridge into the Crackghan!


Not ready for handspun said...

Oooh, the nutlets are fabulous. There were some comments at the Nutkin pattern page that made me nervous about attempting them, but you sound pretty positive about them,so I'll add them to my queue!

lexa said...

I love the color of your new yarn! I saw it stashed on Ravelry and wondered what the heck you would do with 31 skeins, lol!

Jeanne said...

The socks are so pretty - and how nice to finish up old UFO's.

Great yarn - love the color!

Susan said...

Love the Nutlets, love the name. I am in awe of your speed.

Knitting Linguist said...

The socks are great! And I love, love, love the color of that yarn. It actually kind of reminds me of the color we just painted Younger Daughter's room, which, as you know, I quite like :)