Sunday, January 24, 2010

Never judge a book by it's cover....

..because something that looks like this......ends up looking like this....It's so much nicer than the skein and it makes me think of crayons! I cast on for this Friday night and finished it up while watching Season 3 of the Tudors. (Which despite it's gross historical inaccuracies is a fine piece of television viewing.)

Of course instead of casting on for the second sock, I worked instead on the Fluffy Cat Shawl (big thank you to mom for helping me get it out of the time-out chair). I cast off for it this afternoon and it's blocking now...It's really a shawlette - measuring about 46 inches wide. Once it's blocked I'll get proper pictures and release the pattern.

And after that was done I still didn't cast on for the second crayon sock.

Nope, I gave into the siren song of the Starry that was already caked and sitting oh so innocently on the coffee table. I was considering knitting My Vampire Boyfriend with it. With a colour like "Gothic Rose" it seemed appropriate - but my printer is out of ink so I can't print out the pattern.

Instead I started designing my own sock:It's a little hard to see but it's pretty eyelet lace that is just chock full of sparkles.

I have to confess myself a little disappointed with the Starry. Despite all that sparkly goodness, the yarn just isn't that soft, it almost feels like working with acrylic - not much give or sproing. The Socks that Rock is much nicer.

Despite that, I'd like to work a little more on it, but I've been neglecting the house work all weekend and there are a few chores that really have to get done before I go to bed (I'm getting that "look" from the cats, and unless I want to wake up with a few unpleasant presents in my bed - I'd better go clean the cat box)


Anonymous said...

Your shawl is lovely!

I just queued those "Vampire" socks. I have some perfect yarn for it! LOL

Susan said...

Beautiful shawl, great job. Isn't it funny how you really can't tell from the skein how the yarn will knit up?

lexa said...

I wouldn't think by looking at the skein of STR that it would look like it does knit up. Very nice! Can't believe the shawl is done already. Can't wait to see it once it's done blocking. I don't think my friend has started anything with her Starry yet. What a shame it's not softer.

Samantha said...

Oooh, pretty shawl. :) I love the socks.

Not ready for handspun said...

It's so hard to predict how hand dyed yarn will look when knit!

Can't wait to see the shawl pattern published - it's gorgeous!

trek said...

I find that the sparkly part of a yarn is usually rather scratchy. On the plus side, the STR is gorgeous.

TheBlackSheep said...

The Socks that Rock yarn is really cool. Don't you just hate it when it turns out less than what you wanted? I'm sorry that's the case with your Starry.

Cool new furniture!

Jeanne said...

So much here - the STR sock is really nice - amazing how different the yarn looks knit up!

The shawl is gorgeous - wow!

And I made a cowl with similar yarn (not Classy but something just like it) and didn't really like it - it did feel really like acrylic.