Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another successful day of training...

... and knitting.

The second Turner mitt was cast off before lunch
So I know have a complete pair (and another WIP off the list). I think I might even have enough of this yarn left for a small cowl (and a complete set for head, neck and hands!).

Turner is a fantastic pattern for last minute knitting. As I've just demonstrated, one mitt takes less than a day, so it's conceivable to knit a full pair in about eight hours. The sport weight yarn means they knit quicker, but aren't too bulky either. And, it's not hard to modify to suit a heavier or lighter yarn. For instance - I went down eight stitches on this pair to accommodate the handspun.

Its also an economical project too! The pattern is FREE! (Yay!) and it uses very little yarn (about 120 yards - think leftovers!)

Okay - that's enough tooting my own horn.

Back to knitting.

I also turned my the heel, and got halfway down the foot on my new Top Cat sock during the second portion of training. I could, in theory, finish the sock tonight (which I think would be a new record for me!) but I'm going to be a good girlfriend and cook dinner for Dave, even though it will cut into knitting time.

Tomorrow is the practical exam for the training, and shouldn't take more than a few hours. Afterward, I'll be heading up to Mom's for a photo-shoot of my new shawl (and for dinner of course!). Before training each day, I've been working on the charts, so I think Thursday night will be spent formatting the pattern.

And then it's a long weekend!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


Araignee said...

Finding practical patterns suitable for using up all those little bits of leftover handspun is not easy. Those mitts are perfect!

Rachelle said...

Love the mitts, am also looking forward to a long weekend; no knitting so far today and the day is pretty much over. Hoping to get a couple of rows in before bed though.
Star has insisted on her cuddle session though, despite all the work I've been doing; you can't say no to purrs.