Friday, November 16, 2012

The true definition of a friend

 I've mentioned my best friend Samantha on the blog before.

We've met when we were 12, and have been stuck together ever since.

Recently, her husband started traveling for work. On one of his first nights away, she posted that she was going to "smuggle her turtle" at bedtime. No it's not a euphemism... she was talking about a little stuffed turtle to keep her company. Why "smuggling" and not "snuggling" was an answer I never really discovered.. but it's been a running theme whenever her husband travels.

Last week, Dave stayed the night at his Mom's and I was lamenting having to sleep alone.Today, I went to my mail box and found a parcel from Amazon. I hadn't ordered anything - and the box, while large, was suspiciously light.

I got in the house and made the cats wait for dinner while I opened it. Inside was a webkinz... this webkinz

Puzzled, I dug around in the box and found a note card. I opened it up and it said "Now you have your own turtle to smuggle"

That's the true definition of friendship right there.


Heide said...

So sweet! You should name her Purl.

Araignee said...

I have never seen a more smuggable turtle!

Knatolee said...

Best friend ever!

Samantha said...

I'm glad you like her and I'm glad it made you smile. The turtle I smuggle is E's turtle. He came up with the idea that I not sleep alone when hubby is away. And well, smuggle was an autocorrect on my phone for snuggle ... lol. No matter, we now have another term in our strange best friend language and we'll live happily ever after ... the turtles are happy too.

Anonymous said...

He is too cute! I'd smuggle him any day! LOL

Nancy Kay said...

What a thoughtful friend!

Delusional Knitter said...

That is awesome and most definitely a true friend!