Sunday, February 17, 2013

Getting buggy

When faced with a daunting task, sometimes there's just no way to get through it but to sit down and put your mind to it.

My daunting task: the seeming miles and miles of garter stitch on the peplum of the ladybug jacket (okay, really it was 9.5 inches... but it felt like miles.)  I know some people love garter stitch, and I'm envious - I find it mind-numbing.

It does, however, make excellent TV knitting. So I loaded up the dvd, got comfy on the couch, and set to it. 
Success! I am through the peplum and onto the bodice. Now it's just mind-numbing stockinette stitch - but with 1/3 less stitches, so at least it will grow faster.

What's your knitting kryptonite?


Araignee said...

Ewww.....garter stitch is no fun but at least you had a pretty color that is turning into one fantastic little jacket.
My kryptonite is a headache and today I had big knitting plans and instead I am laying in a dark room all day where I should NOT be playing on the laptop if I have hopes to feel better in time for Downton Abbey. :(

Rachelle said...

My knitting kryptonite is my Central Park Hoodie which has been put on hold yet again for KAL's. Just the hood and the front band to go so once the Business Casual socks are finished I'll get back to that and finish it!

Sue said...

It is looking very cute so far. I didnt realise it was all garter stitch. Usually my kryptonite is seaming things up once they have been knitted. I love the knitting though so that doesnt take too long!

Sava said...

I can see the appeal in the mind-numbing bliss of garter stitch but I personally hate how garter stitch looks, so I much prefer plain stockinette knit in the round.

It just feels so productive. Instead of thinking about what you're doing, it's just stitch, stitch, stitch at warp speed.

Nancy Kay said...

Yeah, plain garter stitch is not my favorite either. But the color of yarn sure is pretty.

RobinH said...

I'm no fan of plain garter, but I think I find seed stitch even worse. I did a seed stitch scarf once that was almost the end of me.

And I was stuck in winter doldrums myself, but I cast on several new projects and it's put the zip back in my needles :).