Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I've been working pretty steadily on my Business Casual socks. The KAL deadline is fast approaching, but I'm making good progress.

Tonight, however, I've been a little distracted. You see, I got my wish. Things at work slowed down. In fact, the projects down right dried up. I'm not worried - we'll get flooded again soon. But it's left me with a lot of time for my imagination to run wild. And it's been running rampant in the shiny land of New Shawl Designs.

I've charted out 95% of a new pattern, and I just had to come home and start it. I'll finish up the BC socks on the weekend. In the mean time, it's all green merino goodness with some shiny beads thrown in!

Sorry no pics yet. (But you can enjoy the gratuitous cat picture at the beginning of the post until I come back with something new!)


Araignee said...

Can't wait!

Nancy Kay said...

How exciting to be working on a new design! I'm looking forward to the pictures!!

RobinH said...

Peno says, "Mine!" and rolls on her blanket. :)

Looking forward to seeing the new design. I get *so* many compliments on my Wildwood hat!