Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's not easy being green

Here's a sneak peek at the new shawl design.

It's hard to say how much progress you'll get to see on it in the next few weeks. Knitting time is going to be severely limited until after May 1, as Chez Wandering Cat is on the move.

It's not a huge move - just a couple of towns over and 20 km closer to work. But it means I have just five weekends to get this whole place cleaned and packed.

I started today with my studio. I figured I'd get the toughest room out of the way first (It's scary in there!). So - almost all the craft stuff is packed. All the yarn is packed.... yep - ALL of it. (Now I need more boxes!)

I considered leaving some out - just in case - but seriously - I have more than enough projects on the needles to keep me going for five weeks. And, I did discover that I don't need to buy any more green shawl yarn any time soon.....
... what can I say? I like green!


Araignee said...

Good luck with the move. The Mister has been wanting to move forever but I am NOT moving my stash or my craft room. Ever. I couldn't even imagine how much work that would be-not to mention the shame of having to sort it all out in front of anyone.
Can't wait to see that finished shawl!

Rachelle said...

Hope the move goes smoothly, hoping I don't have to for many more years yet! You do have a lot of green there, I put most of my stash on Ravelry so I can check what I have at a glance (and quite a few page downs, lol)

Anonymous said...

Green is GOOD! Love the beads.

Monika said...

Gaaaah! Moving! Wish you best of luck with that! Yum, I like green too! Looking forward to see your new design.

Nancy Kay said...

Oh, the green shawl with the beads incorporated in the't wait to see more pictures.

What a lot of work to move. Can't say that I envy you one bit. Good luck with it all. And I hope it goes smoothly!

gayle said...

Well, a shorter commute means more knitting time, eh? Good luck with the move.
Love all the green!