Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dying to dye

Still no knitting to show. I have been knitting - I've been very diligently working on my heart socks - but work has been CRAZY, so I haven't had as much time as I would have liked. And that's the other problem with resisting startitis - you have less to blog about.

I'm almost done the socks, and will have pics tomorrow - but in the meantime, have you seen the new Knitty?

Personally, I find the patterns on Knitty very hit and miss - some I love, some I don't. This edition is no different.

The only thing that really caught my eye was nozky
But I can't decide if I really like them - or if it's just the styling I'm loving. I do have to say, I really want that skirt!

I am, however, intrigued by the idea of over-the-knee leg warmers. The weather has been all over the place lately, and my bare legs under my summer dresses are a mite bit cold in the office - this would solve the problem nicely.

It's also making me want get my butt up to the dye studio. I haven't dyed yarn since before the move. So... what colour would you dye to make these?


Zenitude said...

The Sugar stick cowl caught my attention. Dyed in a blueish grey in that tweed yarn would be great for those leg warmers.

Araignee said...

Yesterday it was 90 and today it is freezing. I could use those leg warmers. I may have to dig out a sweater or at least a shawl. You know me, I would dye them in funky rainbow colors but to be really useful, I suppose neutrals would be best.

Frieda said...

Those aren't my cup of tea , mostly because I hardly ever wear skirts or dresses . I could see you casting with a shade of green . Seems to me that's one of your favourite colours . Have fun at the dye studio ...

Anonymous said...

Nothing in Knitty caught my eye this time.

As for color --- something neutral that you could wear with many things?

Nancy Kay said...

Oh, these would be cute!