Saturday, June 29, 2013

Have passport, will travel

As a child, I always thought I'd be a traveller - i had all these exotic trips planned. But life, as it often does, had other plans. Here are am at 33 years old, and the furthest I've been out of my country is Buffalo, NY - it was a work trip, and we went to the post office. Not exactly the grand adventure I planned as a child.

I haven't even been all that far in my own province. The furthest I've been is Ottawa (and I didn't visit the parliment buildings - just the subdivision my aunt was living in). The furthest out of Ontario was on the same trip - I spent a night with another aunt who was living an hour away in Quebec.

So that's why I'm so excited to finally be going somewhere. As mentioned earlier, Mom and I are off to Virginia in less than two weeks. We are going to the 2013 CSM Eastern Conference in Williamsburg. We've been planning it for several months now, but it finally became real when my very first passport came in the mail.
Tux, as you can see, is not that amused however. With me gone, it means he's stuck with just Dave for five whole days.

Rocky and Peno I'm not worried about - they get along with Dave just fine. Tux, however, has a complete and utter disdain for my guy.  I've never left them alone together for that long before... it could get... interesting....


Araignee said...

The last time I was in Canada you didn't even need a passport-that's how long ago it was that I've been anywhere. The Mister and I always thought we would spend our retirement traveling but we haven't gone one place. No money tops the list of reasons followed by too many pets.
Bon voyage!

Nancy Kay said...

Congrats on the trip!! I hope you get to do a little sight-seeing while attending the conference. Tux's expression is priceless; he does not look like he approves of your trip! LOL!

lexa said...

Fun! I don't have a passport. I've only ever been to the states once 8 years ago this month for a couple of hours. We went to get another truck after the first one was written off in an accident. I asked how far we were from the US (we were in NB), he says 15 minutes. Back then you didn't need a passport to cross the border, so we went for a drive. But I have been in every province except NL, BC, and the northern territories, never been on a plane... okay, now I wanna go somewhere! lol