Sunday, October 27, 2013

Merry mitts

There's one thing you learn very quickly when you start photgraphing your knitting... there are some body parts that are just too hard to take pictures of if you're all on your own. Hands, feet....

Fortunately, I have Mom.
As mentioned before, these were test knit for Delusional Knitter. I knit them in Twisted Top Cat, so they are nice and soft and warm.
The beading is optional, but I'm so glad I did. It just adds that little extra touch.
And once again, I'm debating on putting them in the Christmas box, vs. keeping them for myself. Christmas is only 58 days away, after all!


Nancy Kay said...

Wow. These area beautiful beaded fingerless mitts!! Love them. And you did a fine job of getting the pictures!! The red and green combo are perfect for the Christmas season!

Araignee said...

So pretty!
I have just decided it's mitts weather around here so they all got taken out of storage and had a good washing. I realized while I was doing it that they are all made out of your yarn and that I have plenty leftover to make even more. I really should have been filling that Christmas box with them to share the yumminess. They would make great gifts and since I already own a pair of each, it wouldn't have been hard to give them away. Too late now but there's always next year!
PS: the tips you gave me for dyeing worked beautifully. I am so happy with the way the colors are knitting up. It's too bad I can't blog about them as they are a secret.

Anonymous said...

You can always make more. LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh ......PS: They are GORGEOUS!

Rachelle said...

I didn't want to know how close Christmas is! Those mitts are gorgeous though, I'd find it hard to give them away unless I had sufficient yarn to make another pair the same.
I have to agree with Twisted Top Cat being nice to knit; enjoying my socks.