Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hello Chicago

I have arrived!

It was bright and sunny in Toronto yesterday afternoon...
... but a morning storm and problems with flights on the U.S. east coast delay our flight by almost two hours

No worries - I'm a knitter!
Auburn Wave kept me occupied until take off. Being my first flight, I was a little nervous, but more exciting than anything.

I got to fly over my home town
Once I could no longer recognize the land marks, I did a little plane knitting
The flight was about two hours, so I got quite a bit done before we touched down in Chicago
And I got a little more knitting done on the car ride to the hotel. We aren't actually staying in Chicago - our office is in Itasca - about half an hour or so away.
And the result of all that travel is the beginnings of a nice looking shawl!


Anonymous said...

You must have been knitting at the speed of light! That's fantastic. I love the way the colors mesh.

Have a safe trip home .....I think there is a little tuxedo cat missing his mama.

Delusional Knitter said...

You've never flown before? I love the view from a plane. I got to see thunder storms with lightening once in the evening, it was so cool - only because it was FAR away. Awesome shawl!

Nancy Kay said...

With your new jewelry, shoes, and dress, you're going to look fabulous in Chicago. Sounds like the flight went well for you...and of course, having the knitting along is just the ticket!

You've made a lot of progress on the shawl...and it's a beauty!

Rachelle said...

Loving the shawl so far and glad your flight went well, even if late. I look on air flights as similar to the doctors office; it's great if they're running on time, but if not I have my knitting!

kathy b said...

awesome shawl! I love your nail polish color. SO fun. Have fun in MY town Chicago

Araignee said...

Congrats on your first flight! I confess that I have NEVER been on a plane. Never had a reason to get on one-yet.
Love the shawl. It's perfect for that yarn.

elns said...

Wow you really utilized that travel time! Your shawl looks great. Have a wonderful time in Chicago!