Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Leavin' on a jet plan

I'm flying out today - I may even be on the plane as you read this.Since I don't know how much time I'll have to blog once I get there, I scheduled this post on the weekend to share a little story to keep you all entertained.

When I bought the polkadot dress the other week, I knew it was going to be packed for the Chicago trip. It's nice and professional, I look fabulous in it - and it won't wrinkle in the suitcase! Triple win!

Back in the depths of winter, I bought a pair of strappy red shoes that were on clearance. Because of the weather, I haven't had a chance to debut them yet - but the more I looked at the polkadot dress, the more I thought they'd be the perfect compliment, when paired with the red cardigan I'd planned for it.

I toyed briefly with the idea of attempting to knit the cardigan in time for Chicago (it was almost two weeks to the trip when I got the yarn) but quickly came to my senses.

But I could still pull of the shoes with dress if I had the right jewellry to tie it all together. Now I've got 25 years of ammassing a ginormous jewellry collection (many in which I was actually making jewellry) - do you think I have anything in the right shade of red? No. Of course not.

So the hunt began. I looked in every store I could think of  accessory stores, department stores, clothing stores - even thrift stores. Red was hard enough to find (everything being coral, mint and aqua this season) and when I did find it, it was outlandishly expensive, or just plain ugly.

After almost two weeks of searching, I finally happened across something workable... at the dollar store of all places!
 Now, it was a little long, and not exactly my style, but I'm crafty (not to mention desperate by this point.) I grabbed it up, brought it home and got out my trusty jewellry pliers.
10 minutes later, I had the perfect necklace and a set of earrings! Best $2.50 cents I ever spent! Now I've just got to slip into my shoes , throw on my dress - bring on Chicago!


Anonymous said...

I would not have seen the beauty of that necklace and realized what it could be. Your re-worked necklace is beautiful. You have a good eye for "what could be".

Have a good time in Chicago.

Rachelle said...

The new necklace is lovely, I wouldn't have seen that in the old despite having done some basic necklace making in the past.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

The stripped down necklace is awesome and so are the earrings ... But it just seems wrong to have to pay $2.50 at the "Dollar" store! Have fun in Chicago - I hope the weather cooperates for those shoes:)

Araignee said...

How clever!
Bon voyage and a safe trip home!

Nancy Kay said...

Way to make the jewelry work for you. Nice job!! I think you're going to look like a million dollars.

elns said...

I love how you made the necklace yours WITH earrings! Fantastic. Those shoes are hot lady!