Wednesday, August 6, 2014

FO: Vanellope socks

As soon as Watershed was off the needles and on the blocking board, I picked up the last Vanellope sock and got stitching.

Just a couple hours later and they were done (and on my feet - man, it's been a cool summer!)

Now - you may have noticed that the heel and toes are much darker than the stripe in the sock. The plan was for them to be the same... but it's one of the pitfalls of hand-dyed yarns.

I decided I wanted purple heels and toes after the yarn was originally dyed. Mom was working on another batch of Vanellope, so she threw a mini-skein in the purple she was using.

But this particular purple dye has some peculiar tendencies - its shade can change depending on the water temperature. My mini skein ended up taking on a more reddish tone than the stripe.
At first blush, it doesn't look all that noticeable, but once I started knitting it up - it was very apparent.

No worries, I thought as I frogged it, I'll just throw it in some blue dye and blurple it up a bit. Well blurple I did - a little too much!

But by this point - I really didn't care - so I just started knitting with it.

The socks are nice and cozy. And the only one who will see them outside of my shoes is me or Dave. And Dave's colour blind!

So - now I have no socks on the needles, no sweaters on the needles.... just some WIP shawls in desperate need of attention - I better get to them...


Araignee said...

I knew they would be fabulous!
I am very happy to hear I am not the only one that has trouble with purple dye. My same little jar of color can go from blue to pink and everything in between. Now I know why. Really, you and Mom should write a book.

kathy b said...

I think they worked up just beautifully!!!!

Delusional Knitter said...

Its great, its still Vanellope - your toes and heels match her hair if I remember correctly!

Rachelle said...

I love the toes and heels with that; worked brilliantly!

Seajaes said...

I love those socks. Too bad I don't like knitting socks.

Anonymous said...

I think they look just perfect! Blurple is a GREAT color. Even DARK blurple. LOL

No socks on the needles???? You must fix that ..............FAST!

Nancy Kay said...

I like them! Sometimes, it's best to just go with the flow...even when it involves something unexpected. And now you're on to other projects...I though you might be starting with a new cast-on...but if WIP shawls must answer.