Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chicago: Part 2

For today and tomorrow, I'm pretty much locked up in the hotel. (It's a pretty swanky hotel, so I'm not going to complain)

But last night, a coworker and I did get a chance to see a little more of Chicago.... even if it was just out to dinner down the street.

I've discovered that Chicago is much like Toronto, but with a lot more people (mostly cabs) running red lights.
She suggested an English Pub-style joint, and it sounded good to me

Of couse, I stayed mostly within my comfort zone and got chicken fingers
Though we started off with stuffed Yorkshire just to see what it was like
Then a quick jaunt to the 7/11 to stock up on snacks
And it was back to the hotel where I finished off a very long day with a nice hot bubble bath
 And .... can anyone tell me why there is a phone in my toilet?


Araignee said...

That phone's been there before the invention of cell phones. Can you imagine the germs on it? Don't touch it!!!

Anonymous said...

In case of an emergency?

But ....the bubble bath looked quite relaxing. Nothing better than winding down with a good book.

Chrisknits said...

A friend actually fell in the bath of a hotel and broke both her shoulders once. She could have really used a phone in the bathroom, although she likely couldn't have reached it anyway.

Lorraine said...

You may need to call the concierge for champagne?

We have an Elephant and Castle on Yonge Street. Did you go and see "The Bean"?

Samantha said...

How was the stuffed Yorkshire? Which hotel is it? I'm going to need suggestions for my warm weather Chicago trip. :)

kathy b said...

Ohhh My comment did not go through. I wish I could have met you this trip! someday!

Delusional Knitter said...

Nice bubble bath!! I'm pretty sure swanky houses have phones (and sometimes tvs) in the bathrooms ...

Knatolee said...

Hahahahah nice phone!!! The bath looks really inviting though.