Sunday, November 22, 2015

Let it snow...

Yep.. we've had a record breaking (warm) November, but this weekend the temps finally dipped and we got SNOW!!!
It wasn't a lot (and it's already melted) but it was pretty while it lasted. Someone else wasn't as excited as I was.
 He doesn't mind the cold, but the snow it another matter. It makes his paws wet. He HATES it when his paws get wet.

So instead of playing outside for long, we curled up inside under the warm blankets and got down to business.
As a result, the mermaid bag got done (as well as a fair bit of other knitting). It's blocking now and I have to carve out some time to write the pattern up and get it off to Samantha for testing.


kathy b said...

We too have lots of beautiful snow.
I love the fins you made on the tail! They are perfect!

Araignee said...

SNOW!!!!!! Awesome. It's freaking cold here but nothing to show for it. Love the fins.

Nancy Kay said...

Ah, the first snow! Yea, wet paws can be a nuisance. Love his expression! The that is so cool.

Judy S. said...

No snow here, and for once clear weather but chilly! Have a great weekend, and thanks again for the yarn prize. It's beautiful, and I love the little kitty stitch marker. It will get lots of use.