Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Felines

You may remember Ollie, the Maine Coon who showed up last summer.

After I got a hold of his owner, we didn't hear from him again. While it was not my intention, I suspected she was keeping him in. I wasn't complaining that he was in my yard - I just wanted to make sure he was taken care of (otherwise, I was going to take him in). I was a little sad that he'd stopped visiting, but at least I knew he was cared for.

But then after month and months and months... guessed who showed up at the back door the other day!
I took him out a dish of food for old time sake, but he wasn't interested. After a good scritch session to say hello, he went right for what's left of the cat nip patch.
There's not much... but I guess it was enough for him to get a good roll on!
 Nice to see you again, beautiful boy!


Dee said...

He IS a very handsome fellow!

P.S. I think you should rush down and get that silver tabby with the disappointed face!!!!

Araignee said...

He's such a gorgeous kitty! None of my cats react at all to catnip. Strange.

Vera said...

He is a gorgeous cat! I'll bet he was happy to be back (especially with the catnip patch - lol).

Delighted Hands said...

Oh, I remember him! He is a beauty and look at that belly! Scrumptious!

kathy b said...

Glad someone did take care of him. He's beautiful

The Well Fed Wheel said...

He looks just like a Main Coon I use to have! His name was Huey and he was just a sweetheart. He was huge and so mellow. He loved everyone....even the dogs. I miss him so. Seeing Ollie is bringing back some sweet memories of my Huey. :-)

Cat Lover said...

Beautiful cat! So glad he came to visit you.