Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Mid week garden tour

 Finally! The Oriental Wedding Poppy has bloomed and it's a stunner! The picture doesn't do it justice. It's huge (about the size of my hand) and the the purple in the centre is so deep and rich.
 My Foxglove has bloomed too. This one is Candy Mountain, and it's a much darker pink than I expected. I'm not complaining though. It's beautiful! And it will really bring in the bees.
These Columbine were started from seed the first year I was here. The plant has been moved a few times, and it's now in the Sidewalk garden, and it really seems happy there. Just look at those blooms.

While I can't capture the true colour of the Pink Pincushion plant, it's blooming up a storm. The purple one I have in the Butterfly Garden is covered in buds, and it's going to give this one a real run for its money.
The Iceland poppy continues to bloom. All of the flowers have been white, but this little yellow one popped up the other day. There's lots more buds coming, so maybe we'll see some red too.
The sage is just starting to bloom. I almost bought a pink version this year, but I didn't have any room. Too bad, because it's so delicate and pretty.
The second year we were here, I bought a few Dianthans. They were supposed to be annuals, but year after year they've come back. And once they start blooming - boy do they put on a show. I have them in several different shades and they are fantastic for a bright pop of colour almost anywhere in the garden.


Araignee said...

So beautiful!!!

Vera said...

The Oriental Wedding Poppy is AMAZING!!!!!

Delighted Hands said...

Oh, that poppy was worth the wait!!!!! I've never seen the Columbine that color-we only every had pink varieties! Dianthus does well here-nice to know it comes back each year, too.

Tired Teacher said...

❤️ ❤️ the Wedding Poppy!

Shirley Elliott said...

Your flowers are just beautiful!!! My columbine have already bloomed, formed seed pods and started dying back. Of course, we did have spring for a few days in February and then back to winter and the last month has been hot and humid. Really strange weather but the plants are growing like crazy due to lots of rain.

Anonymous said...

That poppy IS stunning!

Eastside Cats said...