Saturday, December 12, 2009

Buh-bye 29

We'll it's official - I am no longer in my twenties.

It was a pretty low-key birthday. Dave made me get up far too early and we headed up to Mom's. He did some work on my car, while Mom and I played with the dye.

Just after noon we headed home had some lunch and I've spent the rest of the stretched out on the couch knitting and watching movies - not a bad day at all.

I got baby Olivia's Chritmas sweater done:
I modified it a bit to add a more substantial collar and I'm quite please with how it turned out. And, since I've decided to buy Dad's Christmas present, I've only got one Christmas sock left to do.
I worked a little more on my cardigan, only four inches to go and I divide for the sleeves. I must say, I like top down, though it is a little bluky right now.
Thank you to everyone who entered the contest - and there is still about an hour left, so don't miss out!


lexa said...

Happy birthday!!!

Love the little sweater, it turned out great. I am going to end up having to buy more presents that I thought cuz I am not going to have enough time to knit everything I had wanted to knit.

Knitting Linguist said...

Happy birthday! :)

Jeanne said...

Happy Belated Birthday - I'm sorry I missed posting on your birthday, but I hope you had a wonderful day!

zoom said...

Happy Birthday, a little bit late. You're now the age I would choose to be at forever, if I could choose such a thing. I hope it's a terrific decade for you.