Thursday, September 30, 2010

Little visitor

Rocky alerted me that we had a visitor tonightand Rocky's alerts consist of sitting in the window and howling at the top of his lungs like he's being horribly abused. Now Rocky alerts about all kinds of things - bunnies, neighbours, squirrels, so I peeked out the window but couldn't see what set him off. So I went outside to see what was up.

This time it was a lovely little kitty.He obviously belongs to somebody- he's in great shape and looked to be about a year old and judging from the thickness of neck, I was pretty sure he was still intact. He turned around, tail up and gave me a good view - and yep - a full pair.

I don't mind people having outdoor cats, but it really upsets me when they don't get them fixed. It's safer for the kitty - less fighting - and helps keep down the unwanted kitty population - why don't people understand that?

Anyway, enough griping. Mr. Kitty stayed for a little scritchand a little snack and then continued on his way. Rocky still won't stop sniffing my pants.

I wore my Veylas to work to day and ... I feel a new obsession coming on. I want fingerless mitts in all sorts of colours! What are your favourite fingerless patterns?


Monika said...

I agree with you!
I think this is my favorite kind of coloring on cats.
There are so many lovely mitts pattern, it's hard to choose from.

lexa said...

He reminds me of my Simba! I went to register the boys for curling tonight, and one of the other mother's had their new puppy there. He was all over my leg, so of course when I got home I got a good going over from the girls! They were not impressed.

Anonymous said...

what a cute kitty.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

A few years ago I made a pair of Porphyria fingerless gloves. They're my faves; I never leave home without them. Perfect for the train platform and at a cold desk at work.

Denise said...

My Bootsie carries skeins of yarn around the place and howls while she's doing it. We call them her yarn kittehs.

It's funny you have a guard cat.

My next neighbor has an outdoor cat named Mr. Kitty that looks just like your visitor. He came to door as a stray and sickly. She took him to the vet and saved his life and had him fixed as well.

I'm not really a fingerless kinda gal. I think many patterns are really pretty.