Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up - just a little late

It was a long-weekend here in Canada (Labour Day!) but it still wasn't long enough *sigh*

Dave and I had a pretty quiet one, mostly. I lazed around and knit, while he played pirate and monopolized my computer (which is why you didn't get this wrap-up yesterday).

We did have a short but enjoyable excursion to the lake where he tried to teach me how to skip rocks, and I mostly just re-injured my back. He bounced light-footed across the rough-bouldered break water like it was a flat sidewalk, while I slowly, and clumsily tried to follow without falling in the water. Eventually, I convinced him to sit down one of the nice flat rocks near the shallows and we watched the sun set. No pictures - I forgot my camera.

But back to the knitting - because that's what you're really here for.

So what was I knitting this week you ask?

Oh a little bit of this, and a little bit of that - sweaters, socks... and a few projects that have been laying about for ages.

Long-time readers may remember mention of my "drunken knitting project". It was a pinwheel blanket I started knitting out of left-over wool for the cats.

Nice and mindless, it was great for the nights when Dave and I got into the wine, but I actually hadn't touched it in a while. Sunday, I was going through my basket and realized it was pretty close to the cast off stage, so I pulled it up and finished it up.I had intended to throw it in the washer and felt it making it an extra snuggy cat-blankie, but as you can see - someone claimed it. I guess it's her birthday present.

Another project languishing in that same basket was my ten-stitch blanket. Made with Patons SWS, I long ago decided this project was likely to end up as a cat-mat too. It wasn't very soft, and I got a little bored making it, but the cats seemed to like it. I had one full square done, and the second was just a few rows from completion. So out it came, and finished it got.

But what to do with just two 19" squares? Despite what the cats may think, there really are enough cat-mats laying around here.

Then I had a brain wave - sew them together, knit a strap and into the washing machine it went.

I need to toss it in again (the strap didn't felt well) and find a button. I'm debating on lining it, but either way this will make a fantastic knitting tote! I'll put all my notes together and release it as a free pattern soon.

And, a final thank you to all you awesome knitters who stopped by the shop to snap up our latest yarns. There are a few skeins left from that update, but not many. Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

love the bag and the cat blankie.....LOL too cute!!!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Looks like she collapsed in bliss on her new blanket!

I did snap up a skein of the new yarn - it'll be my first try at Top Cat! The beach colourway is exactly what I was looking for with a particular person on my Christmas list in mind.

Frieda said...

Now there's a happy cat ,too cute !

Helen said...

Maybe the suitablity of pinwheels to drunken knitting is why my last one had nine sections instead of ten... The cat doesn't seem to mind, lucky girl.

Knitting Linguist said...

Great projects! I especially like the way the purse turned out -- nice use of knitting :)

zoom said...

I like the idea of having something to work on when you get into the wine. You've inspired me to start a drunk knitting project tonight! (Or why wait? Maybe I'll go open a bottle now.)