Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday happenings

I was planning on getting to the garden today. There's a giant thistle growing right in the middle of my wild roses... as if that garden needed to get more prickly!

I did head outside, but it was too hot to attempt an extraction (not to mention the fact that I can't find my hedge clippers - this thing is so big it's almost a small tree!).

So instead I let the boys out for a romp while I took pictures of my knits.

First up - Nora's pinwheel jacket is finished!
I couldn't be happier with it. It used almost exactly two skeins of Fat Cat. And as you can see, I opted to keep the sleeves one colour - I had just enough! Phew!.
The only mod I made, was to do a picot bind off on the edge instead of the loopy icord the pattern calls for.

And, here's a picture of little Miss Nora her daddy recently shared.
I think she'll look good in purple!

My Crow Waltz shawlette is coming along.

The linen stitch is slow, but every row is getting shorter! A definite benefit to knitting a shawl this way!

And, I've got a good start on my dragonfly socks.
 This pattern just flies! One more repeat then I'm onto the heel.

And, as mentioned, I took let the boys outside with me. Including Mopar....

Mopar was an apartment cat his whole life, and while he used to hang out on the balcony, this was his first real trip outside. He puttered around a bit - then headed back inside where it was cooler. Smart kitty. (you can see how my roses have exploded!)

While we were out, we had a visit from Oreo, the neighbour kitty.

No, he's not Tux's doppelganger... he's about half the size and twice as friendly. He walks me to my car almost every day, and usually greets me when I get home. He's run in the house a couple of times under my feet, but always runs right out - I think it's a game. Tux and Rocky don't mind him much. He comes over every time they are out and there is minimal hissing.
And as you can see...he's a bit of a ham!

Hope your Saturday is bright and sunny - check in tomorrow for a contest!


Araignee said...

That sweater is adorable and so is little Miss Nora!

Abby said...

Nora is a cutie! That pinwheel will look great on her. It's time to pick out next winter's sweater pattern for my granddaughter - I will have to clear it with her mother, though. I have zero fashion sense!

Anonymous said...

Wow --- you are FLYING on those socks. I only have one repeat done so far!

Yours look great.

Knatolee said...

LOVE Nora's sweater! And Mopar, I have a thing for Mopar.

Monika said...

Love the baby sweater! I'm glad Mopar got a chance to go outside, love his picture.

RobinH said...

Wow, those roses are really going to town! And Nora's sweater is adorable.

And I have a visiting cat too- his name is Sam and he's all-black...he'll hang out at the screen door and meow until Cookie comes over and hisses and hurls insults at him. Sam appears to think they're friends. Cookie, not so much!