Saturday, June 30, 2012

Surmount the stash - June round up

No surprise - the socks won't be finished in time for the June round up - but that's okay. I'm feeling pretty good about this month anyway.

First up was my Slinky Vest - Queen Mab.

This was the biggest accomplishment this month and I still absolutely love it. A fabulous dye job on Mom's part!

Next was Dad's Father's day socks.
The colourway, Armada, is another of Mom's creations, and the pattern is mine (currently in testing).

Little Nora's Pinwheel, knit in Fat Cat,  just flew off the needles.

I absolutely adore this pattern. If you have a little girl to knit for, I highly recommend it.

And last, but not least - My Crow Waltz.

This was a very quick knit, though it is very small. There's a rectangular verision and I'm thinking I've got two skeins of Mini Mochi in the stash that would be just perfect. This one used Sophisticat for the edging, and yarn spun by Smoking Hot Needles for the centre. I'm pretty sure, if I use something else for heel and toe, that I will have enough of it left for handspun socks!

So, monthly yardage total is an awesome  2,024 yards! There's also a nice dent in two goals: another pair of socks for my 10-pair goal (three pairs total so far); and - Queen Mab is cardigan-like enough for me to count it toward my four-sweater sweater goal (three knit so far - only one to go!)

Overall - a pretty darn good month. And naturally - I ended it by dying some more yarn. Just a little Fluffy Cat...

Including some in a new gradient technique Mom and I are trying out.

These ones are mine - a dusky green, to purple, to grey.

Also, I heard a rumour there will be a shop update tomorrow.... noonish!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a VERY good month.

Happy July --- hope it is a productive month for all of us.

Araignee said...

Impressive as always! I love that gradient yarn. I have been obsessed with gradient coloring lately so I have a major case of dye envy.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

That'sa really good month! Wish I could say the same. LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of that gradient colourway!