Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Birds of a feather

I promised a post of all the birds at Harrison Park. While the girls were bopping around on the playground, Mom and I took the opportunity to wander around.

There are lots of ducks and geese and swans just hanging out all over the park...

...but it also has a small, enclosed sanctuary with all kinds of funky fowl!

This handsome fellow looks like he waddled right out a nursery rhyme. No idea what kind of goose he is, but he's cool.

 I recognized the Muscovy thanks to Knaotlee!

And idea what this guy is? There was a sign, but I didn't write it down.

This is a Guinea Fowl! I see a yarn colour there.

But what I really loved were the peacocks. Is there any cooler bird than a peacock? Really? This guy was seriously proud of his plumage.

But they also had white peacocks, which were just as cool. This is the coy little hen.

And her ... what's a male peacock? Drake? Cock?

Peacock bum! (He was very proud too!)

They also had this pretty greyish hen.

I could have stayed there all day and just watched the swans.

Of course, no trip to the park would be complete without our favourite feathed friends....
Don't they just look like three wise guys?

If you're ever in the Owen Sound area, I recommend a little pit stop at Harrison Park.


Araignee said...

Lovely bird photos! I have to admit I have never seen many of those birds before. I am very familiar with peacocks however as Daddio's neighbor has a few very nasty ones that like to roam all over the neighborhood. They may be pretty but they definitely have an attitude problem. Even the eagles (who scare me to death) won't mess with them.

Prudence said...

And then pop over to StoryBook Park then get the hell out of there!!!! ( just my opinion lolol) I love the swan's but hate that the peacocks are caged. I know it is for their protection lololol The little ladies had a super time Im sure...♥Debi

Anonymous said...

Peacock (male) Peahen (female)
Peafowl (the name of the bird)

Thus ends your science lesson for today. LOL

Your pictures are beautiful. Seagulls ---- they seem to be EVERYWHERE! We even get them this far inland. For some reason they LOVE the K-Mart parking lot.

Frieda said...

Beautiful photos Valerie ! Can't help you with identifying your mystery bird , but he/she is a very good looking bird .

Knatolee said...

Beautiful birds, and tht Muscovy looks a lot like our Warren!