Sunday, June 2, 2013

WIP Wrangling - Getting back on track

On May 7th, I had two shawls, two cardigans, an afghan, and a pair of fingerless mitts on the go. This mitts were completed, but I didn't manage to clear out any other WIPs. That's mostly because I had several deadline projects to complete, including a shawl, some baby gifts, and Rowan's birthday present.

As of  June 2nd, my WIP count still stands at six, two shawls, a pair of socks, two cardigans and and afghan. But now I am completely deadline free - and plan to stay that way for a while. So, the WIPs I have left are:

Two new shawl designs: No pics of these - but I'd like to complete at least one this month and get it out for testing.

Pair of Hearts socks: The first sock is done...
...the second sock is started, but this is mostly travel knitting. Though I do expect to have these done by the end of the month. If I hitch a ride with Mom and Dad to Rowan's birthday party next weekend, I could have them done very soon.

Two cardigans: One of the cardigans is in serious hibernation (and I'm considering frogging...) the other is the silver cardigan, and it's going to be the main focus of my knitting time  until it's done. And I'm getting close
I've got a few inches to go on the body, and then the sleeves are just finished up with a few rows of garter. I'm actually debating on dyeing this one. It's a light sea foam green, and while it's a pretty colour, I don't really have anything in my wardrobe to wear with it,other than jeans or plain dress pants. I've love to be able to layer it over some of my dresses - and a nice dark blue would fit the bill nicely. 

Barn Raising Afghan: My plan was to knit a square a week on lunch, and I got quite a few done. But just before the move, everything got packed up. I'd like to use my lunches for walking now, but I still plan to finish this one before the end of the year.

How are your WIPs doing?


Anonymous said...

Walk AND knit??? LOL

I know I couldn't do it, but apparently some can (thinking Yarn Harlot here). LOL

I only have a couple of WIPS. Steve's big blankie is on hold. Too hot to have a blanket on my lap. I have a cross stitch project that needs some love this week. And, I have a new pair of socks on the needles.

Araignee said...

I actually have very few projects on the needles at the moment. I suppose it's just the calm before the Tour de Fleece storm.

gayle said...

My WIPs are still WIPping my butt...
I admire your ability to actually finish things!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

We must think alike because I'm constantly coming up with new projects and new deadlines that keep me forever under pressure and behind. This year I've made a conscious effort to say no and stop overcommitting. Now I just need to catch up!

If you don't love the cardigan - frog it! Overdyeing's not a bad thought for your other cardi. I gave my sister her navy blue shawl and she was thrilled. She can layer it over almost EVERYTHING in her wardrobe.

Nancy Kay said...

I sure like the pattern on those socks...really pretty! And the cardigan...coming right along, and it's lacy pattern is lovely. I can imagine how nice it would be over a summer dress.

My WIPs are coming along...but slowly, it seems. I still have the Accordion Scarf and a Sweater Shawl on the needles. I'm not starting anything new until these are completed!