Friday, June 7, 2013

If you fill it - they will come...

Sorry for the lack of posting. There has been knitting going on. I'm making great progress on the Silver Cardigan, but I'm still on the body, so the pic wouldn't be much different from the last one.  Instead, it's time for animal tales!

For the longest time, I've wanted a bird feeder.  Not only do I enjoy watching them, but I thought it would be great entertainment for the cats (I also enjoy watching the cats watch them). I always meant to get one at the old place, it just never happened.

So, once we got settled, and I got working on my gardens at the new place, I decided it was time. Being ever the thrifty shopper, I grabbed a small unfinished one from the Dollar Store - birf feeder for $1.50? SOLD!. The plan was to paint up all pretty, but in the end, I decided the birds would just be pooping on it, so I opted just to slap some leftover varnish on it to protect it from the elements, and away we go.
I got an inexpensive plant hanger and plunked it smack dab in the middle of the mystery bushes (I have now discovered that one of the bushes is a Gooseberry Bush).

I filled it up and waited.
And waited.
For days.
I actually had to dump some of my seed because it got soaked in a storm before rthe birds could find it. I'd almost given up hope. Almost all the other neighbours have bigger, nicer feeders - I figured they probably had better seed too - the birds couldn't be bothered with my piddly little feeder and  meagre seed offering.

But finally, one sunny morning, I looked out to see a little pack of sparrows bouncing around, finally chowing down and dumping more seed than they ate. I was so happy.

The cats were happy too - they have the perfect seat for viewing.
But now that the birds know it's there... well I'm a little less happy.... man, can those things eat! Give five sparrows, three grackles and a pair of mourning doves 20 minutes... and my poor little feeder is bare! These $%^&ing birds are going to cost me a fortune in seed!

I've made the commitment to fill the feeder up once day. That's it! Once they empty it, too bad ... they can fly off to one of the other birdie buffets.


Anonymous said...

Love the photo of the kitty watching. LOL Better than TV I'm guessing!

I'd love to get a feeder and I always mean to, but I haven't yet.

Araignee said...

Feeding birds is an expensive hobby. We did the same thing and gave up on the feeders because we couldn't keep them full. Now we just sprinkle a bit on the ground once a day under a tree and let the birds and squirrels fight over it. Of course we have to stand guard or the feral cats will think we are feeding them if you know what I mean.

lexa said...

I think it's more expensive to feed birds than it is our pets! They squirrels haven't gotten into mine - yet -- but they will. Then the seeds disappear in a day. I've got a cardinal that comes to my feeders (I've got two in the yard) and a nuthatch on a regular basis, plus the little sparrows. The blue jays found one of them the other day, they're greedy, too, and go through the seeds fast. They're fun to watch!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Birdfeeders in sight of patio doors really is TV for cats. We have several birdfeeders on airplane wire so that the squirrels can't get to them.

In our experience the expensive seed is the best deal. We put out Nyger seed for the finches, safflower for the Cardinals, peanut halves for the wider variety of birds and concord grape jelly for the Orioles. If we run out of jelly, or if it rains overnight and washes away the jelly, we wake up to the sound of complaining orioles :)

Nancy Kay said...

Oh, I'm glad the birds found your seed. But I have to agree...they sure can eat a lot. I wasn't prepared for how much seed they would go through in a week. Holy smoke!! But they are fun to watch. I love the picture of your cats watching through the patio door. Precious!