Monday, June 10, 2013

Hi Yo Silver

It's in need of a darn good blocking, and I'm definitely going to overdye it....

...but the Silver Cardigan is off the needles! (It's amazing, this knitting monogamy... things actually get finished quickly!) I finished it up last night, and I couldn't be more pleased. As I mentioned before, the colour is lovely, it just won't work with my wardrobe, so it will be going up to the dye studio on the weekend.

The shape looks odd in this picture, but the fit is perfect. The neckline lays exactly where I want it to. Unfortunately, any notes I wrote on upsizing the pattern from child to adult, have been lost in the move. I might come across them one day - and I will share.

And I'm very glad to have this yarn out of my stash. It was Debbie Bliss Pure Silk - while it feels lovely, it's so unevenly spun, it's a nightmare. It's suppose to be DK - but in some spots it's fingering, other it's chunky...I can see the slubs from here! It's a good thing I got it on sale, because it's definitely not worth the price. But I can live with it - it just gives the cardigan a bit of a rustic feel. I have five skeins of black still - I'm thinking they would make a nice simple camisole... or maybe a shawl. But after that, I'll never knit with it again.

Anyway, I'll share this again after she's had a good long soak in some dark blue dye and a nice stretch on the blocking board!


Rachelle said...

I'm looking forward to seeing its new colour and what it looks like when it's on a person too.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the finish.

That thick-thin thing is how I feel about Noro sock. The colors are compelling, but knitting with it is a nightmare.

Nancy Kay said...

It's really cute! Can't wait to see it after it's dyed and blocked...perhaps you'll model it???

Debbie said...

Pretty! I can't wait to see how it turns out.