Saturday, November 1, 2014

FO: Pip Squeak

I finished up Miss Pee's Pips on Thursday at lunch, but I forgot to bring a needle to graft the toe, so I did that quickly when I got home that night. Of course, now it's too dark to get decent pictures when I get home, so I meant to snap some in the morning before I left for work (though I won't be able to do that for much longer either)... and then I forgot.

It's still not the best light today (dark and dreary) but I managed some decent ones
The yarn is Barking Dogs Opposites Attract, and as you can guess, it's two small skeins dyed to complement each other. This colourway is called Darcy and Elizabeth - Mom bought it for me several years back and it's nice to have used it at last.
It's fairly thick, almost a sport I would say (though apparently she's changed to a lighter base), so these will be nice and warm. And can you believe that though Miss Pee is not yet 11, her feet are already bigger than mine! I had to make these one size up! They grow up far too fast!

The pattern is Pip Squeak (one of my very first patterns) and I made some minor mods to this one.
I made the cuff a little longer and omitted the garter ridge. Nothing big.

So - that's another project off my list! Two to go (and one is start, but you'll have to wait till tomorrow to see it.)


kathy b said...

Love love love your sock cuffs. Both are beautiful coloways

Anonymous said...

I love that little fold over cuff. Adorable.

Rachelle said...

They look lovely, might have to try out that pattern at some point as it looks like a good summer pattern.

Lily Razz said...

They look so comfy and beautiful! I wouldn't mind having those pip squeaks keeping my feet warm!!