Friday, November 21, 2014

Winter growth

I am happy to say, I've managed to keep my house plants alive.  It's been two months since I brought my orchid home, and she's still going strong.
One of the bloom stems dropped all of its flowers the other day. But the other one is still going strong.
So gorgeous.
I really can't get over it! I need more orchids!

And Rocky has completely ignored the Lemon Fern and Elephant Ear plants. He hasn't tried to eat them even once! They are doing so well that I decided it was time to repot.
Ol' Ellie* got the terra cotta pot that used to house the mini rose I killed. And she looks quite a home there. Lots of room to flourish

 But I don't have anything else for little Lulu...
So she'll have to wait until pay day for a new home.  But at least she has a butterfly!

*yes... I named my house plants...doesn't everyone?


kathy b said...

My son Zach won a horticulture team award in High school He loves botany. He cannot however get orchids to grow and rebloom for him.
Im going to get him a GOLDFISH plant for Christmas

Nancy Kay said...

The orchids are so BEAUTIFUL. Way to go. All your plants look great.

Araignee said...

I never knew orchids kept their blooms like that. Amazing. A few years back I lost a plant I had bought when I was in high school. I had it over 30 years before it passed away-I fear from kitty related issues. I mourned that plant horribly and yes, it had a name. I even have names for my trees outside.

Delusional Knitter said...

Umm no I do not name my houseplants ... bit probably because it would feel even worse when they died, LOL!! Your orchid is beautiful. I still haven't gotten one to live through winter, I think its just too drafty in my house, they never make it past winter.

Anonymous said...

Of course. My bat plant's name is Vlad.

Your orchid is a beautiful color.

You need to come down for a visit. I could send you home with several orchid babies.

Chrisknits said...

In awe of anyone who can grow plants indoors. Come to think of it, outdoors too! I have a green thumb, but only when my chartreuse dyed yarn bleeds!!!

Monika said...

I have three of those Orchids, one the same color, one white, and one lilac. I've had the first one close to two years now. My daughter brought it home. It never stopped blooming. Sure when one stem lost the flowers, it dried up, but while the second stem was blooming, the first one regrew, and started blooming again.
All three of mine are growing something at the moment, one new leaves!!! The other new stems.
I was reading a bit about those Orchids. If you want to have them from scratch it takes 5 years for them to bloom for the first time. Nobody wants to wait that long, that's why we all buy them in the store with flowers on already. :o)
Also it seemed complicated to re-pot them, so I'm shying away from it right now. Need to read more about it first. Maybe in Spring is a better time for it anyway.

RobinH said...

Um.. no, I never name houseplants. It makes it easier when my black thumb inevitably kills them. (It's been a few years since I gave up on them. Now my plants are all outside.)