Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tink, tink, tink...

Yep  - that's the sound of my needles going backwards.

All was going swimmingly, if a little slow, on the red Cygnus. Since it's top-down, those rows before you put the sleeves on holders can get quite long. But row by row, I was getting there. Wednesday night, I was just about to complete the last pattern row when it happened
I realized that on the last pattern row, about half way through, I'd some how left out all the yarn overs of the stitch pattern, and only did the decreases.... and since it's a four row pattern, that meant tinking back all those rows and all those stitches to even be able to fix it.

I couldn't look at it, so I tucked it away under the couch until I was in a better frame of mind to tackle all that tinking and re-knitting.

I finally felt up to it on Saturday afternoon and set to it. It took until bed time, but I'm finally ready to split for the sleeves. Hopefully it's smooth sailing from here on out!


Nancy Kay said...

Oops. Sorry about all the "tinking" going on. Kinda happy to hear it happens to even the most fabulous knitters! LOL. That red yarn (oo-la-la) is knitting up beautifully; I'm anxious to see more pictures.

elns said...

I'm really beginning to understand it's okay to not want to look at your knitting when it betrays you in a pattern and you know there's no way around going backwards.

this is when I'm grateful for another WIP lying around.

I'm glad you've quickly recuperated the relationship and have progressed!