Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday pick-me-up

I hope your week has started out well.. but if not, here's something to make you smile...
Little Miss Jem is quite the little ham.

I was up on the weekend dyeing yarn (more on that tomorrow) but I wasn't allowed to go anywhere near the studio until I had some outside time with the girls.

 While Lady is getting up there (about 11 years old), she still up for a (short) game of chase.
Which Jem just thinks is the greatest

Jem is pretty smart for such a little thing too. She's mastered sit, is pretty good at shaking a paw.. and now we're working on fetch and catch
She doing okay there.. though sometimes...
She could use a little more grace.

Of course, she makes up for the lack of that with and abundance of cute.


Araignee said...

Look at that puppy smile! She's so derpy in the cutest way possible!

kathy b said...

IM GLAD YOU are enjoying the puppy phase. They are so darn cute. I love your boots too. i need some rubber boots for spring. Shorties for me. Hugs to the pup

elns said...

Oh man, seriously, thanks for those photos and the Jem love. So far so good, but we can always use some happy go lucky puppy love, peeking out from wellies and crash and burning with some catch and fetch :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh ...............the smile in that first photo is ADORABLE!!!!