Monday, July 4, 2016


Remember how I said last week I was hoping to catch a couple shots of the local backyard butterflies....?
Well I got my wish... and all in one day. It started with that little guy, hanging out on the daisies.
Closer inspection showed it to be a Banded Hairstreak. And I don't know how well you can see, but those little antennae are striped! So cute!

Later in the day, I was out watering the gardens when this little Plume moth caught my eye
I only saw him because he moved. He's quite small, and very well camouflaged!

A little while later...
... I spied a Once-Married Underwing moth. (who makes up these names???)
 He was actually quite friendly (as far a moths go...)
... and seemed to be checking me out at much as I was checking him out. (That's my dress he's on... halfway down my torso)

After I stopped flirting with him, and went back to watering, I soon had to put the hose down again, because another reddish flutter caught my eye.
This moth was VERY shy, and VERY small. He was only about the size of my thumbnail, and didn't want to stop for long. When he did, it was always on the wrong side of a plant. Whenever I got close, he'd fly off again.
I finally did catch a shot of him in the lawn.  It took my even longer to figure out what he was... and I'm still not entirely sure. The closest thing I can find online is a Crambid Snout Moth. However, they don't seem to be found this far north, being common to Oklahoma, Utah, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Californiaand Mexico. So either I'm waaaaaaay off on my research, or he's a very long way from home!

And despite the luck with these guys (even though most of them were moths.) I just can't get a shot of those darn Cabbage Whites... they just won't sit still. But I won't give up!


Minding My Own Stitches said...

Cabbage Whites? Is that what they're called?!?!? We get a ton of moths out at the cottage at Lake Erie. Gavin and I were chasing them around the yard :) Much too quick and tiny for us to get pictures so you did really well!!

Gavin also had a 40" Lake Erie Water Snake slither across his foot as he was clambering down the shoreline rocks to get into the Lake to windsurf. He nearly jumped a MILE! It was MASSIVE! No pictures of that either- we were entirely unprepared for it!

kathy b said...

I love the name SNOT moth. Your insect post is fascinating!

Anonymous said...

SNOUT, KATHY! Not snot!!!! LOL

Some of those moths are really pretty. Well, as long as they are not WOOL eating moths.

Araignee said...

Now those are some impressive photos. Catching any one of those sitting still is hard to do.

The Well Fed Wheel said...

Good job! I'm still trying to get some pictures of ours. They move to fast.