Tuesday, November 22, 2016

FO: Bosnian Booties and a hat for Corvin

As I showed you yesterday, I started on a hat to go with the Corvin cardigan. The temps have dropped substantially, so it didn't seem right that the November baby didn't have something to keep his head warm too.
Nothing fancy  - just a little twist in every other rib around the brim, and plain stocknit for the rest. It knit up in an evening.  I'll include it in the pattern for the cardigan when it's released.

Once complete, there was still plenty of yarn left, so I went in search of a cute bootie pattern
These are the Bosnian Booties - they remind me of little moccasins. They knit up super quick - just a few hours - and were the perfect thing to round out the set.
Now I've just to get it all wrapped up. Dave's students bring the little Corvin along for their lesson. He chills in his carrier while Mom and Dad practice the strumming.


Delighted Hands said...

I love a success story!!!!
I like the finishing touches of the completed set!

kathy b said...

Fantastic boots. Very much like the slippers I made this summer/fall. Love the color. Love that baby gets to enjoy the LESSON and music. wonderful.
Looks like my comments of the last few days are not always going through on the blogs. :( Sorry. I have been reading your blog but commenting on my phone . Must. Learn. technology

Vera said...

Such a pretty set! Someone is going to be very well dressed!!

Araignee said...

It's all just so adorable!!! I love handknits on a baby. I just wish my DIL did.