Thursday, November 3, 2016

FO: Going My Way

I was true to my word and diligently put row after row on my Going My Way cowl each lunch hour. Then suddenly, one day, I looked down and that giant ball of yarn was whittled down to almost nothing. So when I got home that night, I pulled it back out of the bag and finished it up in less than an hour.
The yarn was one of Mom's first attempts at spinning a three-ply. And in my non-professional view - she did an excellent job. It had a bit of kink, but not too bad. Being a super-wash merino, it's soft enough to wear close to the skin.
When she gave it to me, I knew it had to be for something special. There was only 245 yards, but ever since I designed Going My Way two years ago, I've wanted to make one for myself. It was originally designed to show off the unique characteristics of handspun - so what better way to use this beautiful skein.
I used almost every inch of yarn, and it's still not super long  - just 42 inches. But it's long enough to double up or wear flat and tossed over one shoulder. I'm not a fan of super long scarves and cowls, so it's just perfect for me.
The colourway is called "Love Apple", so I thought little heart buttons would be appropriate. In the end, I'm not totally sold on the ones I pulled from the stash. I like the hearts, but I think the white is too much of a contrast. I'll keep my eyes open for a better heart button, and swap them out when the time comes.
Now.. I've got to see if Mom has any more of that fibre... because I really would love a matching hat!


Delighted Hands said...

Gorgeous! Such a perfect marriage of color and pattern!! Excellent work you two!
(I agree, the white is a bit stark for the cowl but can wait for a change out!)

Dee said...

So very pretty!

Your Mom does beautiful spinning and you've turned it into art!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

Very pretty!! The colors are gorgeous and it looks really nice one you. I think I agree with you on the buttons too. Now it needs a hat to match. :-)

Araignee said...

Oh, wow.....that is just lovely. Mom did a great job spinning it as to keep those beautiful colors working together so nicely.

Rachelle said...

I love how handspun knits up, that looks lovely!