Monday, November 28, 2016

Winging it

I've put a few rows on my lace cardigan design, but I just still haven't been in the mood for yarnovers. So I've cast on for something new.
This is  the start of Wingspan - in more of Mom's handspun. This time a Merino/Tussah blend. It's pretty close to the colours in the last skein, so I though it would be a nice compliment to my hat/mitt set.

You may have noticed that other than the Noro Knit Night set, I haven't mentioned any Christmas knitting. Normally by this time, I'd be setting up excel trackers and fretting about how to get it all done. But other than that set (which is already done!!!) I'm not doing ANY Christmas knitting.

After much discussion with our respective friends and families, we all agreed that none of us need more stuff. Quite a few of us don't have the money (or time) to be spending on each other - especially on things we don't need. So, with the exception of the children, we aren't going to giving presents.

And I tend to do a lot of Christmas shopping/knitting throughout the year to spread out the cost/time. As  a result... I have only two Christmas presents left to take care of. (I do have three birthday present, but that's another story).

And I must say.... this feels GREAT! I'm not worrying about deadlines, or fighting startitis! I think this is going to become the new tradition!


Araignee said...

Over Thanksgiving dinner the family decided to not give presents to each other this year too. Just to the Grands. Seeing the political situation here we were all going to only ask for donations to protection agencies anyway. Now we can all donate to our own choices in our own names.

Delighted Hands said...

The new shawl has a great beginning! Lovely yarn!

Anonymous said...

Steve and I stopped doing gifts several years ago. We still get our son a gift, but that's it. If I want to give someone a gift of knitwear, I tend to just give it when it is finished, instead of birthday or Christmas giving.

Wingspan is a great project. I've made several of those. So much fun seeing the sections come together.

kathy b said...

Each family seems to do their own right thing ! Glad you have some stress relief and can relax this SEASON of JOy

Rachelle said...

We've cut back this Christmas as well, no big family present, the kids are mostly getting books. I'm not knitting for anyone except me atm, but I am doing some quilting for teacher presents for the staff who work with Ian at the special needs unit.