Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Monday Questions, Tuesday Answers

KathyB has questions... here are my answers

*Ever had a fruit bearing bush or tree?
I had raspberries as a teen, and of course, have them now as at this place. I also have a blackberry vine. They are pretty easy to care for - but both need to be trimmed/thinned every year. If not they just take over!
*Would you rather do the HARD part of your knitting early in the project phase or late?
I generally like to get it out of the way first. Spicy Salsa has the lace part first, and it was quite nice to get it done and then just fly through the stockknit (yep... it's done, more on that tomorrow)
*Is there something your parents let you “quit” as a child?  How did that work out for you?
My parents had a very hard time making me stick with ANYTHING. I sometimes think I give up too easy – but it really depends on how bad I want it. If I really want it – NOTHING will stop me. 

*Have you ever square danced?
Only goofing around in my living room…
*Do you have something that only needs buttons to call it finished?
Not really.. unless you count the pair of shirts I have sitting in my sewing room – Dave asked me to resew some buttons on them… but that was a few years ago now…

*Woody Allen.  yes or no?
Not a fan… I find his movies REALLY dull. 
*Adorable Beret in OK yarn shop.  I think I’ll try to find the pattern.  Do you prefer a beret, a slouch hat, a stocking cap or a roll brim?   
I am totally a beret girl (though admittedly, I like all of them!)
Pattern is Twyla
*Do you follow the stars in the sky seasonally?
I used to but not any more. Orion and the Dippers are about all I can see from this place. Too much light pollution. 
*Breakfast wouldn’t be breakfast without:
Coke! I’m not a big breakfast person. I like bacon, I like honey sausages, I like pancakes, and oatmeal… but I usually just start my day with a Coca Cola. 

*It’s Al’s 29th Birthday.  What wisdom do you have for a woman in her final year of her 20s?
Your 30s are the new 20s… don't sweat it! (I’m 37 and I still feel 25 most days…)


Delighted Hands said...

Nice post! I enjoyed the extra glimpse into who you are and I like the cat centeredness! lol

kathy b said...

I absolutely LOVE your photo responses. Especially the cat constellation and YOU in the last photo!!!

Vera said...

Great answers -- especially the Meow Minor!!

Jocelyn said...

Love that last picture!

Cat Lover said...

What a great post. Always interesting to find out about fellow bloggers.

Araignee said...

I always wondered about all those teachers sitting around me at an early morning staff meeting with a coke in front of them. It's not such an odd thing apparently. I have to admit, on mornings I wake up with a headache, it's the first thing I reach for.

Anonymous said...

Loved reading your answers.

That beret is very cheery!

Mildred said...

I am visiting because I saw your blog name on Dee's post! We have 5 rescue cats, so I love your blog! My childhood friend has always started her day with a Coke! We were roommates in college and she would have M&M's and Coke for her afternoon tea party! lol