Monday, May 7, 2018

The Johnson Five

First - thank you for your generous support of our fundraiser for Natalie's kittens. Together we raised $34 which will go to help care for those adorable little furbabies until Natalie can find homes for them.

Now onto other business!

As you know, our little Miss Rowan is a bit of an emerging ice dancer. She's been taking lessons for the last couple of years, and when the Olympics rolled around, she was transfixed... especially with our gold-medal winners Scott and Tessa.

So when Mom found out the ice-dancing duo was going to be part of Stars on Ice, she thought it would make for a wonderful night out for the Johnson girls.

On Saturday, the girls and their mother arrived and we all headed downtown for dinner and a show.

We had pretty good seats, but it's tough to get decent pictures in an arena with just an iphone.

 The skaters were amazing, and Miss Rowan got to see her beloved pair do several routines.
And while the show was great, half the fun was watching the munchkin in the seat beside me!


The Well Fed Wheel said...

I have to say the Johnson girls are a mighty fine looking group and what a fun girls night out!!

Araignee said...

What fun!
Daughter is taking ice dancing lessons. I wanted her to do that when she was a kid but nooooo...Since it has become so popular she has decided to add it to her coaching resume by making her way through the USFSA testing system. Her rink is home to our first and second place Junior National champions so she has a lot of good coaches to work with.

Vera said...

What a fun time! That last picture is priceless - love her expression.

chrisknits said...

We lived in a climate that didn't see much lake ice growing up. But every year the Ice Capades came to town. And after they left the stadium always let the ice naturally melt as long as they didn't have a following commitment. So they opened it up to skaters. I spent every night there, even at the end when it was more slush than ice! Fond memories.

Anonymous said...

I'd say the show was a winner all around for Little Miss.

Tired Teacher said...

Love the last photo!

kathy b said...

Oh i 've always wondered how Stars on Ice would be in person! So glad you got to go! Funny photo

Delighted Hands said...

What an amazing outing to share!!!! I'm so glad you could support her like this!