Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another weekend gone...

This one was pretty busy, but not with anything I really wanted to do.....

Dave likes to be busy... me... not so much

I'm content to sit on my butt, watch tv and knit or bead or draw... all weekend long (which is probably why my butt is several inches wider than it should be)

Any he got it in his head that he was going to rebuild an old set of speakers, finish rebuilding the carburator for my grandfather's tractor and put the new information console in the dash.... all in one weekend.

Now, this might be conceivable if we were morning people.... but we're not. Dave works afternoons, so doesn't go to bed until well after midnight, and me.... well I'm lazy.... just ask my mom.

I am content to stay in bed all morning snuggled up with the cats (or Dave depending on the day of the week) Fortunately, I have a job that allows me to do that.

Anyway, Friday night, Dave shows up and announces that he wants to do all these things... great... but then we start drinking... at about 2 a.m. we finally decide to stumble up to bed. He slurrs to me.... "set the alarm for 9 a.m. Lot's to do"

I laugh to myself... 9 a.m.... like that's happening.

So we wake up at 10:45... finally pull ourselves out of bed at about 11:30.

Here's the game plan,

Drive into Hamilton - find fabric to cover speakers on Ottawa street.
Travel to Smithville - stop at parents so Dave can use power tools to cut speaker pieces
Travel to Wainfleet - get part for tractor, go to grandparents to rebuild tractor
Travel home to Beamsville - so Valerie can knit and Dave can hide in the basement and finished building speakers, then install dash.

Here's how the day really went -

* Drive to Hamilton
* Visit every store on Ottawa street looking for vinyl to cover speakers with.
* In last store Dave finally decides to buy vinyl (which was exact same as at first store)
* Dave decides he needs handles and metal corners for speakers, so head to Mountain Music
* On the way to Mountain Music Dave decides he really wanted to go to Absolute Music, clear across the city.
* Dave curses at traffic on Upper James (the boy is from Toronto, you'd think he'd be able to handle it)
* Arrive at Absolute Music and Dave realizes he really wanted to go to Recycled Sound, which is about 5 minutes from Ottawa Street, now a good 25 minutes on the lower end of the city.
* Dave makes faces at Valerie when she lets out exasperated sigh because Dave has no concept of direction or memory of store names, even though Valerie live in city for first three years of relationship.
* Discover Absolute Music doesn't have parts, Dave decides to head to Pongetti's across the road
* Dave curses at traffic some more
* Discover Pongetti's doesn't have the parts, but learn about Lou's Music that might
* Head to Lou's music, cursing at traffic, and Valerie who apparently isn't giving directions fast enough even though she isn't exactly sure where the store is and Dave is driving too fast.
* Arrive at Lou's music, pay for parking
* Discover Lou's music is closed and in the process of moving to Upper James
* Dave laughs at Valerie when she steps in pothole and badly twists ankle
* Head to Mountain Music.
* Dave says something about not having eaten yet and should stop for food
* Dave curses at snow in parking lot at Mountain Music
* Dave makes impatient sounds at Valerie who isn't walking fast enough because she is limping due to twisted ankle
* Discover that while Mountain Music doesn't have parts, can order and Valerie can pick up on Thursday
* Dave makes comments about being hungry again, then passes several suitable restaurants
* Dave decides he needs contact cement and speaker wire, stops at Rona
* Dave makes more impatient noises as Valerie limps through Rona store
* Buy contact cement but not speaker wire
* Head to Smithville
* 20 minuntes later, reach Smithville and decide to continue on to Wainfleet, can stop at parent's after
* 20 minutes later get to Wainfleet, go to tractor store, discover tractor store doesn't have and can't get carburator part
* Dave curses broken carb part, ebay and 1941 Ford tractors
* Dave decides he's hungry again, decides to go for pizza
* Arrive at pizza place, Dave decides he doesn't want pizza, travels down the road to sit down restaurant similar to several that were passed by earlier
* A good two-and-a-half hours after finally leaving the house without breakfast, Valerie gets to eat
* Head to grandparents
* Dave decides to use power tools at grandparents house
* Dave gets roped into fixing grandparents computer
* 5:30 p.m. finally leave grandparents house, Dave decides to go to Source for speaker wire
* Half way home Dave decides to go to Smithville to parent's for soldering iron first
* Arrive at parent's house, Dave rummages around in garage while Valerie harrasses Russell the orange cat
* 5:50 p.m. leave with jigsaw (don't know what happened to the soldering iron) Dave announces time to go to Source, at which point Valerie reminds Dave it's a Saturday and Source closes at six.
* Dave curses and drives there anyway
* Arrive at Source which is indeed closed
* Head home
* Valerie puts feet up on couch, waits out the pain in her ankle, considers picking up needles but it too tired so watches a string of romantic comedies while Dave alternates between building speakers and yelling at cats.
Sunday was a lot more of the same, except it involved a flea market, the Source, my parents, and the dollar store. So I didn't get any knitting done, the speakers aren't quite finished, the dash isn't in and the tractor's not fixed... best laid plans and all I guess.

Late this afternoon I did manage to get my latest bead order organized and put away and some new stock made for White Flame. (For those of you who are in the Hamilton area, my jewellry can be found at the White Flame Company.)

I don't have any pictures of new stuff however because I left my camera at work

There is a few new things up on Etsy though, so you can take a look there....

I'll bring the camera home tomorrow and take some more intersting pics and hopefully next weekend will be less hectic and more productive....


Mandi said...

I love the necklace!! It sounds like you had a crazy weekend!!! I hope you get to relax during the week!

Samantha said...

The necklace is gorgeous. :)

That sounds an awful lot like a lot of weekends we have ...

How's the ankle? I twisted my ankle 6 (or 5?) years ago and its never been the same since.

Hatesore said...

that's nut!! hahaha

Rhonda said...

I like that one. And yes you are lazy, and you need to not give directions, tune Davr out, and just knit!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

But isn't all about the journey though?!?

theresa said...

Oh my, sorry to laugh at your horrendous day, but your play-by-play is so amusing!! Don't you wish there was an "easy button" for everything??
That new yarn looks gorgeous. Nice fancy necklace too.