Friday, February 1, 2008


The following picture embodies all that is both wonderfully great and pathetically sad about living alone:

This was my dinner tonight..... a big plate of whipped potatoes. That's it... no meat.. no veg.. just potatoes.. well whipped and lots of them. Living alone is great because you can actually eat stuff like this (or a bag of chips, or half a brick of cheddar and four dill pickles, or a can of cashews with a leftover chocolate santa for dessert) for dinner without anyone telling you otherwise. And it's totally sad that I actually do.

Anyway.. it's all my Mom's and Corner Gas' fault. My mom because she makes the best whipped potatoes in the world and I don't get them very often now that I don't live there. And Corner Gas because is was the episode with the enchanted potato bowl... made me hungry.

In other news. Today was a snow day... so screw the newspaper's deadlines. I got to pay attention to my own!

The sleeves are done! Looks like it will get done for the guild meeting but only if mom has a short 3.5 or 3.75 mm circular needle so I can do the neck.

I also have five balls of this lovely wool left over. My coat is brown and I've been thinking I really want a pair of alpaca mittens..... and maybe a hat!

And since I have posted a pic of my snuggly walrus... I mean cat.. in a while...

Tux is yawning because I woke him up in the 15th hour of his 16-hour sleep-a-thon. I am totally coming back as a cat in my next life.


Rhonda said...

Don't be blaming me for your whipped potato fetish. And I too am coming back as a cat.

zoom said...

Me too. I want to be a cat-lover's cat.

One of my favourite things about living alone is eating whatever I want for dinner and not having to feed anybody else. Last night I had leftover roast beef on leftover baguette spread with fresh mashed avocado. And THAT was one of my more meal-like meals.

Jenn said...

mmm potatoes, I must say..I have done that. LOL!

Samantha said...

Mmmm taters.

Not on my diet plan ... potatoes are okay, but the butter they require ... ouch!! LOL