Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Well, I was going to enter my faerie collection in Sarah's contest... but an email from Sam got me thinking... diamonds or pearls?
It was one of those questions in one of those silly friend surveys. I am 100 per cent, whole heartedly a pearly-girl. I could careless about diamonds... my best friends aren't cold hard rock... they have fur, whiskers and tails....
My love of pearls was ignited by an old co-worker who wore pearls constantly... it was fanned further when my Nanny gave me my great-grandmother's double-strand pearl necklace. It really got set on fire when I met a local jewellry artist named Jeremy Byrd, who showed me that pearls don't just come in pink, white and black.
It's turned into this!

This isn't my entire bead collection.... just the pearls.... but as you can see I can get pearls in every colour under the sun! (Which is why they are such a great option for creating wedding party jewellry)

In other news, as promised here are some pics of my works in progress


Branching Out

This is 100 per cent pure silk yarn I bought on e-bay off Clever Cat Knits... absolutely lovely.... except I did this to it... It slipped off my knees while I was rewinding the skein. :(
It's a little more than half untangled, but I just couldn't wait to knit with it.

I'm also beading a little.., though probably not as much as I should be I'm finally using the austrailian opals I bought off ebay last year. I wanted to do something that would highlight the little flecks of fire they have. I finally decided on a rainbow of stones with (L-R) Iolite, Peridot, Citrine, Sunstone, Garnet, Blue Topaz and (not pictured) Amethyst. It will probably be up for sale on Etsy by the end of the week.

And before I say goodbye.. is there anything cuter than a cat carrying something in his mouth? (Unless of course it's the rather expensive alapaca you're knitting with at the moment)


...Sarah said...

The more the merrier! I love those pearls I had no idea they came in so many colours.

Anonymous said...

Laila crawls around with stuff in her mouth, like a cat and I think it's pretty cute!
Love the pearls

Rhonda said...

Very pretty pearl stash! Rocky is messed.

Jenn said...

That cat has a serious personality. LOL I love it.

Mandi said...

I do agree that it is the cutest thing when cats carry stuff- do your cats bring you the toys as 'offerings'?
I love the pearls!!! The opals are just lovely too!