Monday, December 8, 2008


Dad's sweater is done!
While Saturday was a total crap day for knitting, Sunday turned out to be much better. Dave discovered some new Dracula computer game, so I took my tv (it's on'y 13 inches) and DVD player up to the bedroom, stretched out watched movies and finished the last sleeve. I sewed it all together tonight. The picture is not that great, but my battery was dying so I wasn't able to try laying it out a couple of different ways.
When dad opens it on Christmas, I'll get some shots of him modelling it. Now.. onto the other Christmas projects. (Though I'm sorely tempted to cast on for Purity)


Rhonda said...

You know I'm definitely going to wear this one and not literally.

leeniebeenie said...

Thanks for the enoucouragement!!! I think that I will be finishing the hat soon so I probably will post a picture tomorrow. If you care to take a look.

Angelika said...

It looks just like the drawing on the pattern :). Do you think it's possible to knit it all in a round? I'm not a big fan of seaming, but will do it of course. Just a thought. I turned out nice.

leeniebeenie said...

I really like the sweater I haven't quite gotten up the courage to knit anything like that.

I appreciate you listing my blog as a place to visit on your blog, I finally finished the hat pictures are on the website, you should stop by and see it.


Jeanne said...

Very nice - I'm sure your dad is going to love it!