Monday, March 9, 2009

A Friend to Knit With

First let's just say it.......
While they hang out together all the time, I usually don't catch them like this... I think it was because I only left one piece of clothing scattered on the bed, instead of the usual... several.
Second....Sorry for the lack of bloginess.... I've been pretty busy, here but not much of it was blogable.... mostly beading, but then not beading anything spectacular... just getting ready for this season of shows, and re-organizing/cleaning the bead stash.

I have been picking away at my afghan.... and I've decided that I'm going to do blocks and sew them together with a border in between.
I'm all about blocks lately (I've started a second block afghan, but thankfully this one is for a baby so if I keep at it, it shouldn't take too long).I think it's because I have so many projects on the go, that the blocks are small enough that I feel like I'm actually accomplishing something.
I haven't made much progress on anything else. Icarus is stalled, mostly because I haven't been in the chart mindset. When Ive been knitting, I've wanted mindless. Also, I keep thinking about all the projects I've started and put away.... and I keep finding more!

To add to the chaos I also got this lovely present in the mail today:
This yarn is gorgeous - it's a silk/cotton/viscose blend and it's the perfect colour for me! I only got five balls of it (that's all that was available) but it was a super great deal, and I can't get over how nice it feels. I see another shrug in my future. Though I should really finish the one I'm working on.
So I guess I better get knitting....
But first thanks to mom and her faithful friend for ripping back one of my other projects to get rid of my oopsy.... I did manage to make some headway on it this weekend, but I can't tell you what it is until it's done!


Rhonda said...

Mommy's always fixings oopsies.

Jenn said...

Indeed, although I have to say. I've been getting better at fixing my own oopsies these days!! :-)