Sunday, March 22, 2009


Well, I'm happy to say the blahs seem to have abated (no doubt sped on their way by the return of Dave Thursday night... gawd I'm such a sappy girl.)

I have been informed by Samantha that I am probably the cause of Vickey, her sister's late baby. (Baby was due on Tuesday, and as of Sunday night has yet to make an appearance). Apparently the fact that I'm not done knitting for Baby X is holding things up.

I was making the horsey block blankie for Baby X, but as you know, I got bored with it (or just blahhed with it.) However, I found an actual horsey pattern on Ravelry and started it Saturday evening. I'm using the yarn I bought for the horsey blanket (I bought Bernat Baby Sport in bright blue, yellow and orange) but Dave insisted I make it yellow with blue hooves instead of orange with blue hooves. (Why I'm taking colour advice from a boy who is colour blind, I'm not sure.)

I finished the body up today, but ran out of stuffing. And a half-stuffed horse body with no legs doesn't make much of a picture, so you'll just have to wait to see it. Mom is trading me a bag of polyfill for a bag of quilt batting, and with any luck, I can finish the legs and get him stuffed tomorrow so Vickey can finally pop the little rascal out.

I can, however, show you my latest project.

Dress-up faerie wings!!!!

I'm getting ready for show season and wanted to add a few new things to my line up.
These are nice small wings, perfect for little girls for Hallowe'en or dress up. Of course big girls can wear them too (I am making a set for myself.)

I was having so much fun making these until I burnt my hand on the hot glue. It's been a long time since I've used a glue gun and I forgot how darn hot those things get.

Fortunately, it doesn't seem to be interfering with my knitting, but it still hurts like a sonofanutcracker! (right on the tip of my finger!)

I will have some other new products to show you over the next couple of weeks, and thankfully they don't involve hot glue. (I certainly surprised Dave with the creativity of my cursing - and now he's pretty sure I was raised by sailors)


Rhonda said...

Your Great-grandfather was a sailor. Nice wings.

Jeanne said...

Very cute wings - hope your burn feels better soon!