Sunday, March 29, 2009

Losin' my mojo and other dissapointments

Well, Horseypie is almost done and Vickey had her baby last week (you can check out Samantha's blog for the details)I just have the back legs left to do, but I really haven't felt like knitting lately... it's a good thing I have until the middle of April to finish it.

I'm almost done the second square of my afghan, but other than that I haven't touched any of my projects. I just really feel like I'm losing my knitting mojo. Maybe it will come back soon maybe not.

In other sad knitting news, Dave's Leo has completely stretched out and is waaay to big now. I think it's the combination of alpaca and silk, it just seems to have no memory.
I'm debating what to do about it, and I'm leaning towards taking it all apart and making my self a shawl... it is really lovely yarn (Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk) just not great for that project. top it all off, Dave's car has just crapped out on us (which it really shouldn't have, it's only a 2002, with 130,000 km and the engine has been absolutely babied... I'm harder on cars than he is) so we are probably looking at least $2,000 (or more... much more) to fix it.... *sigh* C'est La Vie, I guess.

It's been raining all morning, but the sun is finally peeking through the clouds, so I think I'm going to walk to the store and buy a lottery ticket... things have to look up at some point!


Rhonda said...

Horsey is looking pretty good.

Samantha said...

The horse looks great. Sorry to hear about the car and other crap.