Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'd rather be knitting with silk

Well I think my knitting mojo is slowly returning.

I've gotten a pretty good response for Riopelle. And I must say, it's always good for the ego when people actually want to pay for something you've created.

Last night, I even got the first sock I'm designing for Dave finished.
Sorry for the crappy picture. The sock is too big for me, and Dave wasn't here to model. I also don't like taking pictures with the flash, but it was too dark last night.

When I get the other one done and the pattern together, I'll take some better pictures with a bigger, manlier foot.

I've knit it in SWTC Tofutsies. While it's very cottony to knit with (of which I'm not that fond) the finished fabric is very soft... which probably has something to do with the 25 % soysilk fibre.

And speaking of SILK... that's what's got me really revved up about knitting again.

I was reading Julie's blog and she was showing off the new Lorna's Laces Pearl she just got in.Now I'm not one to get all excited about fibre -- I like knitting, I like nice fibre (especially alpaca -- though admittedly my love it has waned since Dave's sweater stretched) but I'm practical creature at heart (sometimes)... I don't have the money to get all wound up about yarn. Shoes -- yes, yarn -- no. (No I'm not a knitter with a capital 'K' ... and I'm okay with that)

But this yarn.... I don't know, maybe its the shiny... I HAVE TO HAVE IT. And I don't want to just make a scarf with it... I want a cardigan.... this cardigan (but longer):
The really painful thing is Julie's store is less than a 10 minute jaunt up the highway from my work. I could just drive up there as easy as pie and come home with it and start knitting right away. But I don't get paid till next Friday.... I WANT IT NOW!

*Sigh* ... I guess I'll just go make horseypie some back legs.


Rhonda said...

I remember when you weren't a knitter at ALL.

Alisha said...

I love that yarn....I can so relate to the "I want it now" lol