Monday, April 27, 2009

Signs of Spring

I went to clean all the newspapers out of my garden (the paper boys are pretty careless around here and often throw the paper on my porch, where a good breeze tosses it into my wild roses - making it really difficult to clean, so I've left it all winter) and discovered several signs of spring.
....My lawn covered in grape hyacinths. This won't last long because I guarantee my landlord will have it mowed by the end of the week... but it is pretty. You can also see my insanely over grown roses -- clipping them back is next weekend's project, but they will look like that again by July. They are gorgeous in full bloom though.

As I as cleaning out the papers, I also came across this cute fellow:Of course he didn't stick around long:
Although hidden by the roses, my garden was also full of tulips... so I picked them all!Of course, these will probably be toast by the time I wake up tomorrow, as somebody (aka Mr. Rocky) looks upon all my flowers as his own personal salad.

And my final sign of spring is a gift to you!

A free pattern - Baby Janes because it's Baby Season!I designed these because all the other patterns out there are in garter stitch, and I wanted something with a smoother look.


lexa said...

I've got little flowers coming up everywhere in my lawn. Mostly they are forget-me-nots and some kind of little white flower that reminds me of a pansy, but they're really small. Lots of my other flowers are coming up, too. I do the mowing, so if they get chopped down I'm the one to blame! :)

Jeanne said...

Cute bunny - and very cute booties!

Knitting Linguist said...

Those booties are darling! And I love the flowers in your lawn; I hope they survive the mowing.

Thanks for coming by and leaving comments -- it's always nice to find a good blog to read :)

Alisha said...

Perfect post...bunnies, flowers and cute booties!