Sunday, April 19, 2009

A question, trouble and a new project

Why is it, give the choice of three perfectly good boxes, cats will always try to stuff themselves into the smallest one?

Remember how I said Rocky hides his toys?
Obviously not well enough. No sooner did I finish posting yesterday, than I turned around and saw Tux with it. They are all making good use of it now and have even pulled some of the stuffing through the knitting.

As if I needed one, I started a new project....A sock yarn afghan. This one is going to take a while... not necessarily because the squares take long -- I can do four little squares, or one big one in just under two hours -- but because I don't have very much leftover sock yarn. In fact, all those squares are from leftovers I stole from mom.

So that means I have to knit more socks, which means less time knitting squares... unless of course any of you feel like donating your left over sock yarn :)

(Actually I recommend you make a sock yarn afghan yourself. It's a great take along project, and with the stripey yarn, really fun to knit up!)


Rhonda said...

That does look like fun, but I think you need to make more catnip toys.

Jeanne said...

Love the cat pics - and why do they always go into little boxes?

I'd send you soft yarn leftovers, but I recently sent mine to someone on Ravelry. But the afghan is a great idea - I hope you find some more leftovers!

Alisha said...

I love your horse below and the cat in the small box....too funny!

I think the afghan will be soft with all the sock yarn.