Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rain, rain, rain...

Well... there's no doubt about it, it's been a pretty cool summer. Normally by now we are all sweating our socks off and complaining about the heat (though really it's the humidity) here in Southern Ontario.

But not this year... this year we've only had a few day above 25, and even fewer above 30 (that's Celsius, not Fahrenheit) which is the norm for this time of year. And we've had rain... lots and lots of rain. Today alone we've had about 50 mm.

Now while most people are bemoaning the drizzly days, I am quite enjoying it. (Though admittedly, if I had children and had to spend the summer holidays with them cooped up indoors, I'd be a-bemoanin' too.) We've had some awesome thunderstorms, and I've barely had the air conditioners on. I can open the windows, curl up with a good book and listen to the rain fall. And... because Dave hates going out in the rain... I'm not being dragged all over the place... which means more knitting time! Who wouldn't love that?

This week I've manage another row on the Sockghan:
As you can see, I'm not knitting the half squares on the sides, as some people are. I like the rough geometric edge the corners create. I am loving this project for several reasons:
1) I love blankets. I have lots of blankets, all over the house. Quilts, afghans, comforters, throws... even in summer, I'm usually wrapped up in a blanket. Just like Linus, I love my blankies (though Dave keeps saying I'm more like Pig Pen.. only I'm walking around in a cloud of cat hair and yarn fibre)
2) Almost every square is different. By the nature of most striping sock yarns, and the way the squares decrease the chances of getting two squares alike is slim.
3) It provides a little bit of instant gratification. While the whole blanket is going to take quite some time (possibly years) each square only takes about 20-30 minutes. If I only have a little time to knit, I can whip up a square and still feel like I've accomplished something.
4) I get to knit with lots of different yarns. Most of the yarn my grandma donated is Opal and Regia, but there are a few bits that came from mom, (Socks that Rock and Cherry Tree Hill) which are sproingy and soft, and delightful to knit with.

I will probably set this aside the weekend however, as I'd like to finish the back of my cardi. I also have a few more "presents" on the way (Damn you Ebay!) so I'd like to get make some real progress on it before I feel the uncontrollable urge to cast on again.


ruthee... said...

I have been meaning to start a project using my leftover sock yarn - a stole with mitered squares. Thanks for the push to do so! Yours looks really interesting.

lexa said...

It's a rainy day here, too. That's all it does. Just looked at our forecast, and Monday is the only sunny day, every other day for the next seven is rain and/or cloudy. Figures cuz my friend, NovaKnitter's, two girls are coming home with their families (small kids). It rained pretty much the whole time they were here last year.

Samantha said...

I love the rain too, but have been disappointed by the amount of actual thunderstorms we've been getting here. The farmers are HATING this rain ... crops are ruined, and in this recession that's gotta really hurt. I send my kids out to play in the rain. They all have raincoats and boots (or barefoot!) ... and they have a blast. :)

The blanket is looking great! I'd love to start something like that, but I have got to finish my mom's stupid blanket by christmas. YUCK. I can probably have it done in a week or so if that's all I work on. I hate the yarn so much though. LOL

Knitting Linguist said...

Ooh, I really like that blanket! I've been meaning to use my leftover sock yarn to do something fun, and this one seems like an excellent project. Someday... :)

Carol said...

I can live without the searing heat, but even my marigolds are looking pretty sad without enough sunlight.

Heide said...

I'm doing this blanket in heavier cotton yarns. It's knitting fast, but it isn't as pretty as yours.