Sunday, May 23, 2010

Moving right along

Things have been busy here at Chez Wandering Cat. In fact, I'm ridiculously happy that I have tomorrow off, because I've been so busy, it hasn't felt like much of a weekend.

Saturday was dye day. Mom and I did up a bunch of Big Cat, Fat Cat and Alley Cat in preparation for our show next Saturday.

When I got home it was time to feed Dave, and after dinner I settled into an evening of knitting. I cast on for Summerlin. My niece's birthday is in just a few weeks, so I figured I better get moving. I

I got the top part done last night, only to realize I'd have to rip it out. I modified the pattern so it had a button band, then was joined in the round just below the buttons. Unfortunately, I didn't notice and twisted my join, so when I cast off, I discovered I had a Moebius Summerlin - not very helpful when it comes time to sew on the skirt! I put it away for the night and decided to deal with it later.

This morning Dave and I got up and ran some errands. When we got back I FINALLY tackled my studio. It's not perfect, but you can at least get in and find stuff.

Dave got to work putting in my air conditioners. I'd prefer to leave it a few weeks, because they block out a lot of my natural light, but Dave didn't want to install them on a hot and sticky day, and since it's a big job and I should be grateful that he's willing to do it in the first place - I relented. But they are not getting turned on until we are melting!
Then it was time to feed him again.

Now the boy is fed, the cats are napping, and I'm sitting down to tackle Summerlin again - I've got some adorable cat fabric for the skirt, so I want to get to the sewing! Thank goodness for long weekends!


Jeanne said...

Sounds like a great weekend - and I hope you don't have to use the AC for a while...

Anonymous said...

Have fun with your day off!

Anonymous said...

LOL with the summerlin.......

cute kitty pic!

Monika said...

He, taking care of your boys! That's a cute dress you are making! Too bad about the twist in the beginning,but that happened at least once to all of us! :o)
We've got the A/C on for a week now. My sons room is like a sauna! And it has been hot and sticky, especially yesterday.