Friday, December 24, 2010

May the Christmas Spirit be with You!

The tree is finally up and decorated

The presents are wrapped and set into piles according to which house they are going to.

There's still one present left to knit (Dad's socks... almost to the last toe), but it will be finished today, wrapped and ready for gifting tomorrow.

I've been off work for the holidays since Wednesday. I was hoping to use those days to accomplish everything on the list. But, come Wednesday morning, I took a serious, realistic look at the list and realized, while it might be doable - I'd probably end up spending Christmas day in a padded room somewhere.

So, I took a deep breath, changed a few knit presents to bought presents, and headed up to Mom's so we could head over to my Grandma's for her birthday. (Yes, another December birthday in the family - another reason why December is so nutty.)

We also headed out to Lens Mills, so I could pick up a ball of Bamboo Baby to finish Dave's cousin's present. $75 later, we finally left. But I got a few other Christmas presents, including a pet bed for Peno, because Tux keeps stealing hers.
Tux! I said I bought that for Peno! Get out of there and let your sister enjoy it!
That's better thank you. (The new bed has been a big hit, but I can't keep the boys out of it - I'm going to have to go pick up a couple more I think)

I also got a little present for myselfSome cute kitty flannel to make some jammie pants... in January after all the Christmas craziness is over, of course.

Oh, and... here's what the yarn was for...Master Yoda! You see, a while back when I was looking for Christmas projects, I came across the Yoda Bottle Cozy. Dave's cousin loves Star Wars, but he's a little old for a baby bottle (he's 7) so, using the bottle pattern as inspiration, I made a Yoda amigurumi. The designer of the bottle cozy has kindly given me permission to post my pattern, so after Christmas, I'll get it together and put it on Ravelry so you can all make one! I will most likely be making one for myself - it was really hard to wrap this one up to give away.

So, I'm off to finish that last present, then it's off to Dave's Grandma's to await Santa, and then Mom and Dad's tomorrow for more festive fun.

I'll catch up with you all sometime around Boxing Day. Happy Holidays, and wishing you all the very best of the season!


Minding My Own Stitches said...

That Yoda is fabulous! I've added it to my queue - although I think I will be doing it as a beer bottle cosy.

lexa said...

Merry Christmas! Love Yoda, I am such a Star Wars geek, too.

Monika said...

Love the Yoda!
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Cute Yoda, but even cuter kitties!

Merry Christmas!