Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle!

Dave has run away back to the cottage, (he says he went to retrieve the presents he left there, but really after all the holiday hoohaw, I think he just wanted the alone time) so I'm by myself for a couple of days. Since Mom was still off, we spent some girl time dying yarn.

My hands are a lovely shade of purple now and we've got loads of yarn for an update - including Slinky Cat, Big Cat, Stray Cat and more.

The update (which will most likely take place on Sunday) will also feature a brand new yarn addition to the Wandering Cat litter - Jungle Cat!

Jungle Cat is a super soft 80/20 Merino/Bamboo blend. I've been trying to get my hands on this base for months, but our supplier was sold out for a long time. We finally got it in and I couldn't wait to dye it up!

When it comes to plant-based fibres, I have to say bamboo is my favourite - it has the durability and wash-ability of cotton, but the softness, shimmer and drape of a silk. Every bamboo yarn I've used ( Berocco Bonsai, Patons Bamboo Baby, Rowan Bamboo Tape, Twisted Fibre Art Kabam, & Crystal Palace Panda Silk) have all been lovely - I think ours is going to be just as nice.

It's a fingering weight, with a lovely poofy twist... and you know I just had to bring a skein home for myself...Jungle Cat in "Nana's Brooch" - like alpaca, cashmere, and silk, the bamboo doesn't soak up the dye quite like straight wool, so the colours are a little more muted - but it does have a lovely sheen. I can't wait to crack this baby open.

But I'm trying to be good. I still have my 10th shawl to get off the needles before Saturday...

But these others I brought home aren't helping either.

a skein of Slinky Cat in "Steel Magnolias"
and TWO skeins of Slinky in "Powder Puff" (These skeins are "messy" because I twisted them up myself- mom is much better at making them "pretty")

The Jungle Cat will definitely be socks (any pattern suggestions?) and Powder Puff Slinky is destined for a shawl (but not for some time) but I don't have anything in mind for the Steel Magnolias - any thoughts?

Starting the new year, we will be doing special knit-a-longs in the Wandering Cat Group (with yummy yarn prizes), so if you follow along you'll most likely see these knit up.

Well I better get back to that shawl....


Anonymous said...


How about Starry, Starry Night socks for the Jungle Cat.

Monika said...

Powder Puff is my favorite! So nice. I told myself to not buy any more yarn in 2011, but I think you and your mom will be the only ones, I will make an exception for.

Rhonda said...

Monkey Socks!!!!!!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh they are all so pretty! The Steel Magnolias is gorgeous - not sure what it should be but definitely something that will be seen a lot!